HelioVolt opens thin film solar plant in Austin Texas

October 25 2008 / by Garry Golden
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People in Austin, Texas pride themselves on being a forward looking island in a state dominated by a traditional ‘hydrocarbon’ industry of oil. And now it has put a stake in the ground around the future growth of low cost thin film solar.

Austin-based solar company HelioVolt has opened its first thin film solar energy factory. The 122,400 square foot facility is expected to generate 160 new jobs. Those wages are certain to support Austin’s other major industry- breakfast tacos.

Inkjet printing high efficiency solar
The factory marks the first commercial implementation of HelioVolt’s proprietary FASST reactive transfer printing process for solar thin film production. Confirmed through independent testing, FASST delivers copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) solar cells exceeding 12 percent conversion efficiency in a record setting six minutes. HelioVolt is using FASST to develop both conventional modules and next-generation building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products for the global solar energy market.

“Clean and renewable energy technologies likely represent the single greatest economic opportunity of our generation. We at HelioVolt are proud to be contributing to job creation, market growth, energy stability and environmental sustainability—the combined benefits that makes this new clean economy a positive direction for our country,” said HelioVolt’s CEO and Founder, Dr. B.J. Stanbery.

Bias disclosure- Austin is my old home town!
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  1. SOlar PV installations are not as efficient as some other renewables available. Austin Energy’s best kept secret is its solar thermal program. This technology is already financially viable and over 60% efficient. Austin solar

    Posted by: greenguy9   January 22, 2010
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