Top Energy Stories of 2008: #10 Emerging Energy Missionaries & Visionaries

December 16 2008 / by joelg
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By Joel Greenberg

Putting a face to energy  happened in a big way in 2008.  From T-Boone Pickens' full court press promoting his Picken's Plan for wind energy and natural gas to Shai Agassi coming of age with his Wired cover story promoting his electric vehicle infrastructure company Better Place, energy technology became humanized.  And what do you do for an encore once you've cracked the Human Genome?  Ask scientist Craig Venter and he'll tell you it's using algae to create bio fuels that replace oil.  He's hoping to have something on the market in five years.

Could personality be the thing that takes a vital, but dry industry from infrastructure to top of mind in the eyes of customers?

Energy Visionaries


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