Top Energy Stories of 2008: #8 The Rise of Local Initiatives

December 17 2008 / by joelg / In association with Future
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By Joel Greenbeg

"We'll do it ourselves," so say the mayors of cities around the United States as they sign their cities up for the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, committing their cities to lower their C02 emissions to pre-1990 levels. "Think global, green local" could be the name of the trend for municipalities taking the initiative on energy, such as:

- The City of Austin announcing the Pecan Street Project which will open up the city owned grid to cleantech entreprenuers using open source software as the model.

- Los Angeles setting a target of 10% of its electricity to come from renewable resources by 2020. Los Angelese has the largest utility.

- The New Jersey Meadowlands Commissions publishing an RFI for building a solar power station on their land.

- The California Air Resources Board approving a plan to lower California CO2 emissions below 1990 levels.

- New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announcing a plan to put wind turbines on city owned building and bridges.

Can the Obama administration change the inconvenient truth that alternative energy markets in the US need more than mayors to make them viable at scale?

Local green initiatives

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