Luca Technologies raises $76 million for microbes that 'eat' coal, 'breathe out' natural gas

January 08 2009 / by Garry Golden
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Luca TechnologiesMIT Technology Review is reporting on a $76 million funding round by Luca Technologies to expand its 'geobioreactor' process that 'uses coal-digesting microorganisms to convert coal into methane.'

The catch? 

It happens while the coal is inside the Earth!

The bioenergy reactions occurs inside the planet, and the natural gas is pumped out using conventional techniques.  The methane can then be used for electric power generation plant or as a feedstock for materials. 

Microbes & 'Geobioreactors'
We have written dozens of articles on bioenergy solutions that use algae and bacteria to 'eat' carbon to produce usuable forms of liquid or gas fuels.  It remains a very promising strategy for carbon utilization and energy production.  But this is a very different strategy that attempts to change the notion of coal as a resource while it remains locked inside the Earth.

Historically humans have used coal as a resource for combustion based power generation in power plants.  This is a low cost source of energy, but results in the release of enormous amounts of greenhouse gases.

Luca Technologies's vision is powerful and the end result is a fuel (methane/natural gas) that has a much higher hydrogen to carbon ratio, which means significantly less carbon emissions.

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