Trend Confirmed: Social Media "First Responders"

January 12 2009 / by Jeff Hilford / In association with Future
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A couple of weeks ago I pointed out a new trend that was exemplified by the creation process of the Twitter application Twittority.  Where big social media influence blogs like Tech Crunch, Mashable and others have the power to effect what gets created by defining a pain point. This trend was further confirmed a couple of days ago when Rachel Cunliffe's post on Mashable predicted ways in which Twitter would evolve over 2009.  In pretty much the same time frame as the Twittority example (overnight), Dan Zarella designed a solution app in response to one  those predictions. 


Mashable was quick to recognize this effort and tout their status as a product cycle influencer the following day.

The power of web 2.0 is on full display here.  The conversation aggregating nature of influence blogs is a major driver and the incipient response of hackers augurs enormous potential.  This growing community of "first responders" are enabled by a developing toolkit that facilitates quick and inexpensive solutions.

This trend will intensify further as platforms continue to be built that encourage third party apps, the reach of new media increases and the tools of creation get simpler and more powerful.  As the incentive to create gets higher, more people will participate, as some of these hastily created apps can even be sold in a day.

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  1. It seems the broader underlying trend may be a move toward open-source development. Faster product cycles and super-splintered ownership seem to favor such models, especially if the current companies can’t integrate new First Responders quickly enough, no?

    Posted by: Alvis Brigis   January 12, 2009
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