The Progressive Automotive X Prize race begins in one year!

September 24 2008 / by Garry Golden
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By jvarden

Formed from an alliance between the X PRIZE Foundation and Progressive Insurance, the $10 million dollar Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE began on March 20, 2008. Progressive Automotive X recognizes the importance of vehicles in the modern American society as well as their environmental and economical impact. Oil dependence and carbon dioxide emissions are the detrimental byproducts of our vehicular independence.

This X Prize goal is to design, construct, and build efficient and clean 100 MPGe (mile per gallon energy equivalent) vehicle that meets all safety standards and could potentially be purchased by customers. Not only do these sixty-plus teams strive for the generous grand prize, but they also create an atmosphere of competition and innovation with a cleaner world in mind.

As the teams who applied to the Progressive Automotive X Prize are quite numerous, the candidate list shall contain those with unique strategies and approaches that made them stand out from the rest of the crowd:

- AirShip Technologies Powered by electric based track-spheres system and bio-diesel, fuel cell, or lithium-ion battery packs
- Aptera Lightweight electric vehicle that is actually classified as a motorcycle
- Atlas Motor Works Revolutionary engine that runs on fuels or compressed air
- Brilliant EV Diesel-electric hybrid with solar panels
- Lydell All-electric drive with a small engine for use when necessary
- MDI/ZPM Compressed air vehicle - Miastrada An airship-shaped body suspended over a six-wheel road-following system with an electric motor
- Myers Motors A one-seat, all-electric motorcycle that plugs into 110 volt outlets
- Revolution Motors Two-seater, pure electric and hybrid that can run on gas or biofuel
- Roane Inventions An electric car that can also drive on a monorail
- Team TWIKE IV A human-electric hybrid vehicle bicycle
- Tesla Motors An all-electric vehicle with a lithium-ion battery
- TTW Vehicles Three-wheel, two-seater electric/hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicle
- XLR8SUN solar-powered and plug-in vehicle

The X Prize race will begin in New York City in September 2009 before moving onto other major metro areas until a contestant meets all the detailed goals.

We will be looking more closely at the leading X Prize candidates in the days and weeks ahead!

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