Energy 101

What are the fundamentals of thinking about the future of energy?

Energy 101 includes everything from basic chemistry, biology, geology and materials science to consumer values, economic productivity and policy-making.

How do we become more energy literate and expand our ability to talk about the future of energy?

Sadly the public’s energy literacy is lacking – as is our ability to talk about the future of energy.

Most images about the future of energy are based on brief snippets in the media around big concepts – like ‘peak oil’, ‘post-carbon economy’, ‘hydrogen economy’, ‘plug in hybrids’. These ideas spread as memes throughout society.

But what do these concepts mean? Where do they fit into the future?

Energy 101 is where The Energy delivers insights on the fundamental of energy.

Our focus includes:

Energy Elements:
Feature stories and insights on the fundamentals of energy systems – from the four foundations of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and photons. We show why complex elements like lithium and titanium could change how we live in the world.

And what about new classes of materials based on nanotubes and nanoparticles? Or photosynthesis and the applications of biological energy systems found in protein-enzymes.

Any conversation about the future of energy should include these energy elements.

Energy Scenarios
There are many brilliant minds working on understanding the future of energy. And it seems a new report or study on the future of energy is released each week. But what are the most insightful forecasts and useful scenarios on the future?