Energy Research Labs

Disruptive innovation occurs within the energy industry when companies apply new science and technology to real world engineering and market applications.

The future of energy is being uncovered in research labs across university campuses and private research labs around the world.

The Energy is watching them closely:

…researchers are trying to understand the fundamentals of photon-based reactions and the inner workings of enzymes that capture electrons from hydrogen.

…chemists are designing low cost catalysts for sugar based liquid fuels.

…systems theorists are trying to develop blueprints for synthetic biology.

…geneticists are trying to decode genes involved in basic energy systems based on carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

…groups are rethinking solar energy and the potential of artificial photosynthesis.

…chemical engineers are designing cheap, high performance fuel cell membranes that could change the automobile industry.

…researchers are rethinking energy storage and the role of bacteria in designing batteries.

Our roadmaps of game-changing research will transform how you look at the future of energy.