The Energy Roadmap

Welcome to The Energy – a future-focused blog exploring where the energy sector convergences with industry, transportation, design and society!

We publish insights, forecasts and roadmaps on the long view implications of trends and disruptive changes visible across research labs, Board rooms, design studios, homes and roadways around the world.

Daily articles, videos and podcasts on the future of energy:

  • News and breaking stories
  • Industry insights for companies, investors and consumer markets
  • Interviews and features on the world’s biggest thinkers
  • Design breakthroughs for products, vehicles, architecture and urban design
  • Forecasts, roadmaps and scenarios

Our Focus – The Energy Crossroads:

Energy Industry
Daily events and industry announcements across the energy sector from game-changing research, cleantech startups, capital investments by energy majors, regulatory shifts, and changes in the consumer marketplace.

Energy & Transportation
Insights on ideas that could transform the transportation sector as it evolves beyond the combustion engine towards the electrification of the global vehicle fleet.

Energy & Design
Featured products and concepts from the world’s leading designers and engineers who are changing energy systems that support our homes, offices, factories and cities.

Energy & Society
Implications of energy systems related to economic growth, poverty, global geopolitics, environmental policies and culture.

Why focus on the future of energy?

In the next thirty years as the industry doubles in size, new ideas are going to shape the sector’s future:

  • Role of carbon pricing schemes
  • Impact of nanoscale materials science and engineering
  • Role of biology in energy production and carbon utilization
  • Energy storage and distributed power generation
  • Role of software and power management systems for Smart Grids
  • Evolution of the hydrocarbon industry (coal, petroleum and natural gas)
  • Next generation renewables, nuclear, wave, geothermal, and beyond
  • Reducing energy intensity of industrial processes (e.g. chemicals, agriculture, materials manufacturing)
  • Innovation by Energy Entrepreneurs

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Garry Golden Editor, The Energy

Garry writes and speaks on the long-term disruptive shifts within the global energy sector and its impact on industry, transportation, design and society. He is a professionally trained futurist and strategist based in Brooklyn, NY.

Garry’s past projects include: IBM Almaden/US Army Logistics, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Harlequin Romance, Cobb-Vantress (of Tyson Chicken), Citigroup, PTIS/DuPont, and American Society for Association Executives. He is co-author of Designing Your Future-an ASAE/Fast Future publication.

Garry holds a master’s degree in Futures Studies from the University of Houston and is a member of the Association of Professional Futurists (APF).